WZ-E3 boards and tiles all-in-one machine
Full automatic board and tile all in one machine can produce many kinds of composite boards and wall boards. It suits to big scale investors.

power(KW) 20
voltage(V) 380
weight(kg) 2800
dimension(mm) 35000X2600X1600
The material of this machine is inorganic cementitious and river sand, and enhancement by glass fiber fabric. The stuffing of the products is fly ash, pearl stone, straw and sawdust and so on. This machine can produce many kinds of composite boards and wall boards. And the features of the products are twice-pressed, taken the glass fiber fabric into thick liquid and multi-channel distribution network. These work made the boards' inner density and the strength improved. It is suitable for the manufactures of flat boards with a higher intensity.
This machine is a high degree of automation. The product is one-time molding, strengthened by gelation mining and fiber glass. A variety of specifications of bright and colorful glass type wave tile are formed with fly ash, stone powder, straw powder as the raw material. It is widely used in workshop, warehouse, shed corridor, etc. Products are non-toxic harmless and green building materials. Adopt the special process of the roller pressure operation, auto accessories, auto forming two sides, even thickness, light, low cost, is the most ideal equipment.