introduction of fiber cement board
Fiber cement composite board is used in high quality interior space wall of new partition plate, mainly consists of Portland cement and sand, ceramsite with high tension of the glass fibres wiki material, its structure is same as the cement wall, so it has good physical stability, durability, and won't produce physical properties to change over time. In Europe, America, Japan and other advanced countries, it is heavily used in indoor and outdoor application partition; its construction method is the same as the general light partition wall. Exclusive research two-way layout and the rough surface can be directly stuck with tile, stone, glass surface material; smooth surface can be directly paint wallpaper, wall cloth or pigment. It is senior housing, high-tech workshop, department stores, restaurants, hotels best wall materials.

         rough surface  

       smooth surface

     sanding surface

                      compression test
performance basic physical property(8mm)  
specification test date inspection standard
density 1.20g/cm3 GB/T 7019-1997
dry bending strength 11MPa GB/T 7019-1997
water saturation bending strength 10MPa GB/T 7019-1997
bulking factor 0.2% JC688-2006
formaldehyde emission <0.1mg/L(qualified) GB 18580-2001
radioactive quantity qualified(no radioactive material) GB6566-2001
combustion performance A1 grade GB/T 5464-1999
moisture absorption 0.12% GA 160-2004
impermeability no water drop at the bottom GA 160-2004
dry shrinkage ratio 0.1% JC688-2006
pyroconductivity 0.117kca/mhC JC/T5641-2008





shock resistance



sound insulation




heat insulation

            waterproof test


Good waterproof
The best characteristic is complete waterproof of fiber cement composite board besides fireproof. When put the common board in the market into water, besides not waterproof, its structure has been damaged, and peeling and rotten phenomenon shows up.
Fiber cement composite board does not have above phenomenon. It can be used as waterproof material. Take an example, a box made from fiber cement composite board is full of water. After 120 days, no water leakage. It is the same with the regulation CN313777. So the waterproof feature is a good advantage.
fireproof A1 grade
The fireproof performance of fiber cement composite board is inspected by National construction material quality supervision inspection center, and determines the combustion performance of A1 grade, used to decorate the wall.
Super insulation, energy conservation and environmental protection
Fiber cement composite board, only 0.117 kcal/mhC heat transfer rate, resistance thermal efficiency is very high. It is used for external wall decoration or roof insulation plate, can effectively isolate the heat of the sun, and greatly improve the effect of indoor air conditioning, space saving power consumption, is the best application of energy-saving building materials.
Construction method:
Fiber cement composite board cutting, the construction method is the same as the calcium silicate board. If used for sanitary isolation or in large amounts of water area, strengthening waterproof reinforcement is a must to make sure the overall waterproof system is completed.