introduction of ecological composite board
Ecological composite wheat straw board is the only artificial board not releasing formaldehyde at present! It is a kind of new-type ecological and
environmental protection artificial board. The main raw material is wheat, straw and other crops straw, which come from nature. The adhesive is professional ecological gum not containing formaldehyde, and the boards are researched and produced with proprietary technology. They possess the advantages of woody shaving boards and medium density fiberboards. It can be widely used as interior decoration, furniture producing, floor, cabinet, acoustic board, word pad, drawing board and packaging materials, they are ideal substitute products of woody artificial boards.
一、product advantages
1.Safe green and environmental protection:
Producing with special gum not containing formaldehyde, the radiation is natural background; there is no formaldehyde releasing, and the products don’t contain any asbestos, there will be no organic compound which is harmful to human body.
2.Better fireproof performance and flame retardant:
Excellent fireproof performance, they can be directly used in public without any flame proofing.
3.Good waterproofness:
Ecological composite wheat straw boards have splendid waterproofness because of the characteristics of their raw materials such as gum and straw.
4.Good physiochemical performance and weather resistance:
Ecological composite wheat straw boards can be used in the temperature of -500C~1000C, and there will be no decomposition or other reactions. They have better physical mechanics performances, the physiochemical performance meet the requirements of furniture and finishing boards.
5.Superior sound and heat insulation:
When the products are made as partition wall, the inside can be filled with sound absorbing sheet, and the sound insulation performance exceeds single-brick wall. At the same time cooling-heating room effect is increased, energy is conserved, and the economic efficiency is promoted.
6.Strong seismic resistance and bending resistance:
The structure of boards is treated specially, the boards are flexible and elastic, they can effectively absorb partial seismic energy to prevent momentary collapse of walls.
7.Smooth and scratch resistant surface:
The organization is even and close detailed, the top side is flexible and elastic. They possess upstanding machining property and surface decoration, they are suitable for secondary processing and surface decoration of many forms.
8.Humidity resistant and corrosion resistant:
Bring in advanced and special production technology and formula so that there will be no expanding, mustiness or efflorescence phenomenon, which often appears in gypsum boards and silicate boards, under humid environment. They can be used in those humid places like bathrooms and washrooms.
9.Light weight and high strength:
The weight of 10mm board is 10.1kg/m2, the weight of lightgage steel joist wall is 31.5kg/m2, it is about 1/10 of solid brick wall, and the shock strength is 2-3 times of common gypsum board wall, and it will reduce the engineering projects effectively.

二、product specification:
        The shape, specification, pattern of board can be adjusted according to customer and market requirement. At present, the normal specifications on the market, as followings:(unit:mm)

三、the performance comparison of various composite boards:
ecological composite wheat straw board calcium slicate board gypsum board
The weight is light, and The weight is heavy, The weight is heavy,
it doesn’t require much and it requires much and it requires much
about carina bearing, and about carina bearing, about carina bearing,
the whole project cost is and the whole project and the whole project
low cost is high cost is high
The thickness of 3mm can reach the demand of A-level fireproof incombustible materials The thickness of 6mm can just reach the demand of A-level fireproof incombustible materials T he t hic kness of 12mm can just reach the demand of A-level fireproof incombustible materials
  The expansion Strong water absorption,
excel le nt hu midi ty-resistance, not deformed, not getting damp coefficient is about 8/10000, and water absorption is a little higher (water easy to expand and become deformed, easy to delaminate when the principal planes bond
  absorption is 35%) gypsum boards
Light weight, convenient carrying, low ratio of damage, waterproof, dame proof Most products contain asbestos, high ratio of damage, not waterproof, not dame proof Low intensity, bad weather resistance, afraid of collision, water and moisture, serious deformation when soaking in the water.
The products can be secondary manufactured with various panels, exterior decorating surface or thick wood veneers, strong adhesive force, and they can be stuck with ceramic tiles, plastering and spraying paint They can’t be secondary manufactured with various panels, exterior decorating surface or thick wood veneers on the whole, weak adhesive force They are dif ficult t o be secondary manufactured, weak surface cohesion, they can’t be stuck with ceramic tiles
The surface of ecological composite wheat straw boards are smooth and glabrous, the organization is even, the structure is symmetrical, they possess upstanding machining property and surface decoration. They can be widely used as internal and external walls decoration for families, hotels, office buildings, entertainment centers, hospitals and plants; they can also made as hanger plates, partition walls, building templates, furniture underboarding, common doors, fireproof door panels, billboards, packing cases and boards and etc.