introduction of ecological composite tile

The shapes and specifications of ecological straw encaustic tiles can be adjusted according to the needs of the local market, then the industrial and civil encaustic tiles that are of various colors and varieties can be produced. At present the popular colors and varieties in the market are:
Colors: sky blue, navy blue, wanshou red, chishan red, purple, emerald green, bisque, shuiqing gray, peal blackberry and etc.
Shapes: industrial tiles, big wave tiles, small wave tiles, plane tiles, civil tiles, crest tiles, shortcorner series, nonshortcorner series and etc.
raw materals:
The raw materials of producing ecological composite encaustic tiles are everywhere, and the cost is low, it belongs to utilization of waste
materials, it uses local materials.
stone powder:
precipitated calcium carbonate powder, triple concentrated superphosphate powder, talcum powder, quartz powder, mineral powder, shale, mine tailing, pearl stone, river sand, sea sand and so on.
industrial waste:
fly ash, coal gangue, waste slag, ceramsite, building rubbish and so on.
crops straw:
straw, rice hull, wheat straw, corn stalk, cotton-stalk, bagasse, sawdust and so on.

The crops are everywhere in our country, then the raw materials have the advantages of big quantity, wide area, inexhaustible and low cost. The characteristics of straw have made it being effective resources of building materials. First it is a kind of material that is regenerative and of short regeneration period, second the ingredients of straw contain large quantity SiO2, then the waterproofness and durability are promoted; what’s more, straw is energy conservation and green environmental protection material, its volume weight is light, and its bulk density is 0.1~0.25g/cm3, it has advantages and performances that various light weight raw materials such as industrial clinker cannot compare.
product advantages:
1.Not containing formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful materials, green building materials, ecological and environmental protection.
2.Changing waste into valuable, the cost is quite cheap, it is 1/3 of cement tile, and 1/5 of color steel tile.
3.Good effect of fire proof, dame proof, corrosion protection, heat insulation, anti-flaming, sound insulation and thermal insulation.
4.The products can be drilled, nailed and sawn, the processibility is very good.
5.Splendid decoration, good elasticity, they can be linked with various building materials structures.
6.Simple and convenient and shortcut installation, enduring dirty, the technics can be mastered easily, convenient construction.
7.Abundant colors, ageing-resistant, unfading, and the lifetime is more than 25 years.
8.Light weight, high intensity, nondeformable, and the bearing capacity of thebase is reduced.

Ecological composite encaustic tiles are mainly used as roofing water proof, heat insulation and decoration, they can be widely used as PVC
roofing materials of plants, warehouses, shopping centers, civil bungalows, residence communities and villa roofing. And they can be made as hanging boards, insulating layer of various roofing and floors, various portable shelters, sideboards of balcony and so on.

model specification(mm length×width×thickness) RE.weight(kg/piece)
big tile 1800×720×(5-7) 12-15
2000×950×(5-8) 16-18
2400×950×(5-8) 18-20
4200×950×(5-8) 28-32
7000×850×(5-7) 46-48
small tile 420×330×5 2.5
420×330×7 3.
crest tile(fixed slope) 1000×620×5 6.
500×620×5 3.
adjustable crest tile 100×350×5 2.


Function Standard indicators Our product indicators
transverse flexural force ≥3000N/M ≥4900N/M
lengthwise flexural force ≥200N/M ≥320N/M
bearing capacity(N) ≥1800NN/M ≥2820/N
hydroscopicity 10% ≤7.2%
impermeability no spots or drops on the back of tiles after inundating no spots or drops
frost resistance no aliquation phenomenon after 25 times freezing-melting circulations no aliquation or other phenomena
heat conductivity 1.1839W/M.K 1.1839W/M.K
  chalking level no chalking no chalking
artificial weathering discoloration level ≤2 0
  color difference(▲) E≤3 ≤0.66
quality contrast:

Function Ordinary cement tile Asbestos shingle Color steel tile Ecological straw encaustic tiles
Heat insulation in summer heat insulation not heat insulation not heat insulation heat insulation
rainy seasons sound insulation high noise high noise sound insulation
antirust and corrosion resistant non-rusting putrescible rusty never rusty
color retention about 3 years no 3-5 years more than 20 years
form keeping damageable about 3 years 5-8years never deformed
service life 5-8years about 3 years 5-8years more than 25 years
price 18rmb/m2 8rmb/m2 50rmb/m2 6rmb/m2