Magnesium oxychloride material technology and application
Magnesium oxychloride materials and their products in our country has more than seventy years of history, during which what people know about it and its application have experienced ups and downs, but there is always a place for it in the market. The reason is, in addition to our country having rich magnesite resource (our country stocks magnesite stone about 3.4 billion tons, accounting for about 30% of the world's total stock), magnesium oxychloride products have many excellent properties, which makes it have tenacious vitality.

Magnesium oxychloride material is air setting material, under normal temperature (10 ℃ above), it can hardening consolidation and form stone shape body, and do not need thermal method to improve the sintering and steamed, which has energy saving of the production.

Using magnesium oxychloride material products can make the use of the solid waste of industrial production (fly ash, slag, cinder, construction waste, broken pottery and porcelain, glass, stone powder, etc.), the products do not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, volatile pollutants and radioactive material, so it is environmental protection.

Magnesium oxychloride materials can blend crop stalks, wood processing waste and cany reinforcement material to get saving material resources instead of wood.

Magnesium oxychloride materials and its products have excellent performance with fire resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance (belong to incombustible material, fireproof limit of 1 ~ 4 h, resistant to low temperature - 30 ℃), and good flexural, compressive, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, therefore, it is a wide range of applications in fields of construction, transportation, agriculture, machinery, mining, municipal, packing, light industry, landscape, decorative and crafts. The current companies who make magnesium oxychloride materials and its products are about more than 5000, employees about ten thousand people.Only magnesium oxide board has(glass magnesium board) production of about 600 million square meters. The products are exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia and China Taiwan and other dozens of countries and regions, which has obtained the good application effect and credibility.
However, at present, there are still some non-standard production companies and many cottage production modes. The phenomenon of back to halogen, frost, and deformation occurs frequently, which seriously affects the image of the industry. From the perspective of the standardization of production, quality control and testing analysis for raw materials, dynamic and scientific preparation, reasonable and effective application of admixture and reasonable analysis and demonstrates the process and production equipment, especially for new technology and new product are introduced specially to make every effort to give colleagues some enlightenment and help who engage in magnesium oxychloride materials and their products production, and work together and contribute to the healthy development road of this industry.