Chinese composite mgo board exported to Europe and America
Promat N, V is the earlier famous company who produces asbestos cement and calcium silicate board, and has a history of more than 100 years. It has branches in five continents. The company is large-scale group company who is the collection of fireproof, heat preservation material production, research and materials application in the integration. The fiber cement board and fireproof, heat preservation calcium silicate production line are throughout the world.
Our mgo boards are exported to Spain, Netherland, Belgium, Ireland, Ukraine, Russia and England. Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany will deliver the magnesium oxide board purchased from China to Promat N.V company to carry on the physical and mechanical performance test, such as fireproof. Products are carried on physical and mechanical performance test in the company, such as, soaked in the normal water, the bending strength, elastic modulus, consumption, expansion rate, wet bilge rate, soluble substance content, carbonation coefficient, softening coefficient, fire resistance and the structure of X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, image analysis. Promat N.V Company macroscopic and microcosmic research work to magnesium oxide board is meticulous, argumentation and analysis of the phenomenon and problems, and prospects of magnesium oxide board are doing the convincing.
The magnesium oxide board has been identified with the European construction. Its production does not need sintering and pipe. And drying energy consumption is far lower than other man-made board. It indeed is energy saving material. Attaches great importance to the energy saving situation in Europe, magnesium oxide board is popular. Magnesium oxide board components can be given in the industrial and agricultural wastes and residues; Sheet no asbestos, formaldehyde-free and volatile pollutants, in the production no waste water, no emissions, which are very popular with European environmental protection green groups. In addition, magnesium oxide board price is twice of the domestic price on the European market, but in a foreign country is still at a low price.
Through the study of foreign product, the competitive advantage of producing magnesium oxide board should be quickly strengthened on the stability and product quality, to broaden the application field of micro and macro research. Medium and small businesses at least should have inspection institutions of the factory inspection and the analysis of raw materials, large enterprises should establish pattern examination necessary testing method, otherwise it is a weakness for monitoring and improving quality. There is no one magnesium oxide board making company in our country like Belgium Pr0. Mat N.V Company with a full range of testing and microscopic research techniques.
It is near at hand for Belgium Promat N.V company research means and the level of production equipment to catch up with the level of magnesium oxide board in China. For the workers whose career in magnesium oxide board, it should be stressed. Of course they suffer from a lack of light burning powder raw material; to form the production of magnesium oxide board industry capacity needs a process.